What Is Bio Energy?

Bio energy is energy derived from biomass, which is organic material such as wood, plants, or animal wastes. Bioenergy can be used to generate electricity, produce heat, and also for the production of biofuels.

Heat logs are a good example

Using heat logs and wood briquettes is an extremely efficient way of heating your home or other buildings. Heat logs take all the left over saw dust and cuttings from saw mills and compress them into small, burnable logs.

They no longer have the moisture in them like other logs, so they are far more efficient, producing almost no smoke or ash, meaning less waste product and more energy.

Because they are made from wood which would only have gone to landfill, they are a fantastic resource that is helping the planet. Take a look at this website for more details, and to see different prices for different heatlogs and wood briquettes.

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