Energy Saving Tips

As energy prices are continuing to rise, we need to take action in our homes to help reduce our energy consumption. Our simple energy saving tips will help you to keep the bills down. Find out about bio energy.

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency is when less energy is being used to provide the same or similar service. Many people believe it is the same as energy conservation, however this is reducing or not using a service that uses energy. See home energy efficiency.

Becoming energy efficient at home is simple and can begin with using the correct appliances or ensuring your property is insulated correctly and with eco friendly doors and windows.

A bright idea with energy saving light bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs last longer than traditional bulbs whilst using around 80% less energy! Many people believe that with energy saving light bulbs is that they don’t produce enough light, but they create the same amount of light with a 15W as another light bulb would at 60W. Buy today.

Custom made energy efficient rooflights

Eco rooflights are suitable in properties where owners enjoy having natural light flooding into their home, but want to keep the heat inside. EOS Rooflights is a UK supplier of triple glazed roof windows and provide a U-Value of 0.65 W/m2K that helps to keep your energy at home. Find out more.

The sleek external low profile frame of these skylights allows water to drain away easily and avoids pooling, whilst the internal frame creates a coherent connection between your home and the outdoors.

Get the very best free home insulation

As over 35% of heat is lost through un-insulated walls, it is important that you have insulation in your home as this helps to keep the house warm in the cold winter months and cool in the hot summer months.

The Government can provide you with free insulation grants that are 100% non-repayable on both cavity walls and loft insulation. All you have to do is fill out a quick form to see if you’re eligible. Click here.