Why Is Bio Energy Beneficial?

Why is burning wood better than burning coal or oil?

The CO2 released by wood as it burns is equal to the amount taken up by the tree as it grows. This means that over the lifetime of the tree there is no change in atmospheric carbon dioxide

When wood burns, it releases very few chemicals such as sulphur into the atmosphere, oil and particularly coal release relatively large amounts of sulphur into the atmosphere, leading to problems such as acid rain.

How much CO2 does burning wood save? Burning wood releases about 0.055 kg of CO2 per kWH compared to 0.3 for coal, 0.25 for oil and 0.19 for natural gas that is a saving of at between 71% and 82%

┬áIsn’t it bad to be cutting down trees in the first place?

Woodlands in Britain are subject to some of the tightest regulations in the world. All woodland tree felling of over five cubic meters of timber have to be approved by the Forestry Commission. Normally felling will only be approved on condition that the site is replanted with more trees afterwards.

Providing a market for wood is one of the best things we can do for our woodlands as it gives woodland owners an incentive to manage their woodlands. Managed woodlands are often far more valuable for wildlife than those which are left unmanaged.

What is district heating? How does it work?

District heating is where a single large boiler heats several buildings. Hot water is transferred around the site in an insulated heating main. Each building then has an individual heat exchanger to draw off heat into the building as required.

Is there a boiler near me that I can go and have a look at? There are a variety of demonstration events going on throughout the region. Have a look at out timetable here or contact us to find out more. Failing that, why not talk to on of the companies in our database?

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