30 Ways to go Greener at Home & Become Environmentally Aware

Eco friendly home

The best thing about making your home an eco friendly one is that it is simply good economics, with our homes, budgets and for the earth. There are hundreds of things we can do at home that help to reduce landfill, cleaning the air and preserving the environment we have around us.

Need to save energy at home?

Eco-friendly rubbish clearance services

When people have lots of waste and old furniture that needs taking care of, their first thought is to take it to the local dump. Here it will go straight to the landfill, therefore contributing to climate change.

Did you know, over half of all items in the landfill could’ve been recycled?

Rather than taking your waste to the dump, you should contact your local rubbish clearance team. Here they will collect, gather and take all of your rubbish away from you. The team will separate what can be recycled to what can’t. Many rubbish clearance companies’ aim for 100% of things to be recycled or reused.

For those who are based in Kent, we recommend KRC for all your rubbish clearance needs, including domestic and commercial services. In addition, they are licensed by the Environmental Agency, giving you peace of mind that they will do their best to minimise landfill waste. Contact Kent’s local experts.

Alternative ways of going green at home include:

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